Is Tikka is your go-to hunting rifle? Set-up for competition performance? We've got you sorted with the ultimate aftermarket upgrades for Tikka bolt action rifles in Australia.

Tikka promises to be Second to None. Add-on some of the favorite upgrades from Ignition Custom Engineering and you can take your next shot with 100% confidence!

Ignition Custom offers the highest quality aftermarket accessories tailored for Tikka T3, T1x, T3x and Tac A1 bolt action rifles in calibers
For the ultimate in Australian tactical precision, view our selection of top performance stocks and chassis including the MANAEL Sedajo for left or right handed rifles. 

Reduce your felt recoil and maintain target acquisition during rapid shots with our muzzle brakes to suit calibres including 223, 243, 222, 308, and 6.5, 6mm or 6BRA. Pair it up with a Barrel Tuner for consistent, accurate shot placement.

Whether you're a hunter perfecting that long-range deer shot, smashing steel in Precision Rifle competition or NRL, make each shot count. We have you covered!

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