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MANAEL'S ultimate Muzzle Brake just got better

MANAEL set the bar high with the design of their Self Timing Muzzle Brakes. From sleek sexy lines to incredible recoil management. 

The 2023 Gen 2 Self Timer model builds on this success to deliver ultimate control in the pressure of competition, so you can keep sight of your target and focus on making the next shot with confidence and control.

Ultimate in on-range recoil management 

Keep your target in sight, ready for a follow up shot, with superior recoil management.

Sleek lines and port design keeps muzzle flip to aminimum. The MANAEL Gen 2 Self Timing Brake model vents recoil energy through five rear facing ports.

Through design and testing at national level competitions, MANAEL have found the perfect port angles to keep the rifle riding straight and clean while keeping blast away from the shooter.

Recoil "dead zone" drops to a minumum thanks to the fifth port and revised angle. We call this "Pulse Control".

So when you take a shot, the rifle movement under recoil matches up with impact time and you can sight your impacts.

(see the videos below for more on pulse control)

This brake was put in the hands of several national PRS winners and its quickly become a favorite becaue it feels so good. 

See it in Action 


Rapidly redirects gasses for maximum recoil management, to keep your rifle straight and reduce felt recoil.

Less movement during a shot = less time searching for your target again.

Pair it up with the matching MANAEL Barrel Tuner to get maximum performance & tighter groups



See the MANAEL G2 Self Timing Brake in action at the Precision Rifle Series!






100% Australian Tough

The MANAEL Self Timing brake has been through endless testing to make sure it delivers on its promise and can handle anything you throw at it.

Billet machined in South Australia from premium materials. 

Support local jobs; this product is 100% Australian designed, made and owned. 

Support your sport; MANAEL and Ignition Custom Engineering are sponsors of the Precision Rifle Series Australia.









Please read this guide completely before starting installation or use. Ensure your firearm is clear of all ammunition and is verified as unloaded and your firearm is in safe working condition prior to installation and use. Run a patch through your barrel and muzzle devices before use. You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations and where appropriate, advising your state or territory firearms authorities prior to any modification. Please refer to your local state or territory firearms/weapons act and regulations.

  1. Wipe down barrel muzzle thread to ensure no debris or dirt on threads. Apply dab of grease or anti seize on clean threads.
  2. The MANAEL muzzle brake and lock nut come pre-assembled. You do not need to disassemble these parts.
  3. Screw MANAEL muzzle brake and nut onto barrel thread (the lock nut should be closest to the receiver).
  4. Adjust the brake align until you are happy with its position.
    This is called "timing" the brake. If the top of the barrel is 12 o'clock, when correctly timed, the top of the brake will sit at 12 o’clock and the side ports to face 3 and 9 o'clock.
  5. Secure the brake alignment by unwinding the muzzle brake lock nut until you feel it jam against the barrel shoulder. Tighten with a 27mm spanner or shifter.
  6. Run a patch or bore snake through your barrel and brake to ensure no obstructions.
  7. With bolt removed from the cleared rifle, look down the chamber towards the muzzle to ensure no obstructions in brake.
  8. The muzzle brake is now installed.

  The MANAEL Gen 2 Brakes can accommodate threads between 12mm to 22mm depth (ideal 16mm - 19mm).



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