Superior Performance & Consistency

Get the perfect scope elevation and enhanced stability with a premium Tikka T3 / T3x Optics Mount Picatinny Rail by Australian firearms experts MANAEL. 

Whether you're regularly shooting at 20 metres, 200 metres or 2000 metres, the MANAEL rails are available in multiple elevations/cant so you can set your scope "zero" at the distance you need and have complete confidence the shots are going where you want them.

Not sure which MOA you need? Check out our handy guide below.

Trust in your gear

Attention to detail is what sets these rails apart. Designed and made 100% in Australia for Aussie conditions, by the experienced experts at MANAEL and tested in strenuous competition and hunting situations to ensure it ticks all the boxes. 

Smooth champhered edges mean no snags - one less thing to worry about when hunting or in competition!

Trust in your gear knowing each rail is 100% Australian Made quality and backed up with aftermarket support.

Rugged design is built to last. Each rail is fabricated from billet aluminium for the perfect balance of keeping the weight down and durability up.

Extensive testing by the team at Ignition Custom Engineering and MANAEL ensures these rails will hold up to whatever you can throw at it.

MANAEL heavy duty picatinny rail screws available as an optional upgrade.

  • Compatible with Tikka action factory hardware so can be screwed in as a DIY install using existing screws (rail does not come with hardware)
  • Designed to last, made rugged from billet aluminium design 
  • Integrated rail recoil pin to suit Tikka T3 / T3x
  • Smooth snag free chamfered edges
  • Finished in Black
  • Slect MOA from drop down menu (0 MOA, 20MOA, 30MOA, 40MOA)
  • Universal fit for left and right hand rifles


How do I know which election / cant / MOA picatinny rail is best for my rifle? 

First step: figure out how much extra travel the scope has:

Once mounted and zeroed at your desired distance, wind the turret backwards as far as it will go. Count the clicks.

Add how far you went back PLUS the scope base.

Eg; If you wound back 13 MOA and you're using a 20 MOA rail, that would be 33MOA. So you would want a 30MOA rail to get maximum elevation (with 3MOA buffer).

20 MOA is usually the "all rounder" that will enable you to shoot at closer and longer distances. It will depends on how much elevation your scope/optics has.

Depending on your scope, it is usually good to a few hundred metres.

0 MOA is ideal if you are only doing close range work (it may limit your elevation for longer distances).

40MOA will mean you can reach waaaaaaaaaaay out there, but at the cost of finding elevation for close range work (it means your zeroed distance will possibly be further away).


What torque setting should I use on my Howa 1500 Scope Mount Picatinny Rail?

16-20 inch pounds should do it (not higher)


Should I use glue or Loctite to hold my picatinny rails screws in place?

You can use Loctite and those screws will not budge. But good luck getting them undone ever again!

We suggest starting with nail polish, as it creates a firm bond but can be broken if you need to undo or adjust the screws. 

If you find the nail polish is not enough, then loctite may be an option.


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Reliable mounting and superior design

By: on 17 August 2022
The integrated recoil lugs in MANAEL's rails should be industry standard. Glad someone does it.

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