Keep your target in sight during night shooting and redirect muzzle blast with the MANAEL Jaketed Flash Hider Brake with Removable Blast Shield.

Reduce visual impact of muzzle flash with the removable blast shield/jacket.

Redirect uncomfortable muzzle blast with elongated side ports and shield cover. 

Ideal for hunting and for use with night vision optics.

Flash hider can be use with or without removable shield. Features knurled grip for easy install.

Whether youre hunting rabbits, foxes, pigs or something bigger in Warwick, Warnambool or Wagga wagga, this is the ideal solution for you.


Perfect for the SCSA Taipan Rifle: ** The SCSA Taipan Rifle has a 1/2x28TPI Muzzle Thread**

Premium Australian made quality, machined from 4140 steel. 

Finished in hot metal blue finish (black) to match most factory barrels.

Support local jobs. This product is 100% Australian made by Aussie firearms manufacturers MANAEL.



  • Flash hider with four elongated ports
  • Removable blast shield
  • Machined from 4140 steel
  • Finished with hot metal blue (black)
  • Compatible with 1/2x28 muzzle threads or 5/8x24 (contact us for other thread sizes)
  • compatible with calibres up to 30 cal (eg 223, 6.5 creedmoor, 308)
  • Weight 241 grams
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 35mm outer diameter

Instructions for Install

Please read this guide completely before starting installation or use. Ensure your firearm is clear of all ammunition and is verified as unloaded and your firearm is in safe working condition prior to installation and use. Run a patch through your barrel and muzzle devices before use. You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations and where appropriate, advising your state or territory firearms authorities prior to any modification. Please refer to your local state or territory firearms/weapons act and regulations.

  1. This kit is usually sent with the blast shield attached. It can remain on for install or be removed at the user's preference.
  2. Ensure muzzle threads on barrel are clean
  3. Place threaded end of flash hider on muzzle thread of barrel and screw in place.  Tighten with a spanner or wrench.
  4. Screw on blast shield 


Shipping Weight 0.2500kg

Excellent piece of kit

By: on 24 March 2022
Flash Hider & Blast Shield is spendy - but worth it, particularly if you shoot with tubed or digital IR night vision sights. Eliminates flash and sensor white-out on shot release, which is great for seeing result downrange and avoiding damage to sensitive components. Made from steel, the birdcage type flash hider and blast shield do add a bit of weight to the end of the rifle. I have two of these and have found they don't have any noticeable impact on precision and POI shift after installation was fractional - easily corrected by re-zeroing. Improvements for future could be changing from bluing to nitride coating or cerakote. Bluing isn't rust-protective in any real way and keeping a muzzle device oil protected can cause issues with oil burn-off and more fouling. When you then clean baked-on carbon/propellant residue out of a muzzle device, this will likely impact the bluing, depending on the cleaning agent used. The spanner flats on the device are also quite slim, so not particularly easy to get a spanner on them to tighten the flash hider onto the muzzle. These are minor issues and overall, this is a great bit of kit. Quality of machining is excellent. Strongly recommend.

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