Remington 700 & Clones

Unlock the full potential of your Remington 700 or aftermarket action custom rifle project with our collection of premium aftermarket accessories and parts.

Ignition Custom Engineering is Australia's premier destination for the best of the best. Our extensive inventory includes all the gear needed to take your shooting to the next level.

We cater to discerning shooters, offering products from trusted brands like Bergara, Defiance, Impact Precision, Lone Peak Arms, Curtis Custom, Big Horn Arms, and many more.

View Australia's premium rifle stocks and chassis, as well as Australian tactical precision solutions, are here at your fingertips.

Whether you're a precision shooter, a Precision Rifle Series or NRL competitor, into long range shots or a Clone/Replica rifle enthusiast, we have you covered with Arca Swiss accessories, muzzle brakes for 308, 300WM, 6.5 Creedmoor and 223 and Australia's best quality mil spec picatinny scope rails to fine-tune your setup for optimal performance. 

Our collection is compatible with Remington 700 rifles and aftermarket clone actions including Bergara B14 and B14r, Defiance Deviant, Impact Precision 737R, Lone Peak Arms, Curtis Custom Axiom, Big Horn Arms, Zermatt, Kelbys, Templar, Surgeon, Stiller and more.

Ignition Custom Engineering also sources Remington 700 Replica build scope rings and rails including MARS rails for replica M40 etc. rifle projects

Elevate your shooting game with with Ignition Custom Engineering's selection of brands including KRG, Masterpiece Arms and MANAEL.

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