Tighten your groups with minimal fuss using the MANAEL Barrel Tuner.

Get maximum potential out of your catridge and barrel managing barrel harmonics and vibration.

Simple DIY install so you can be tuning your rifle within minutes.

Slide the MANAEL Barrel Tuner onto your barrel, screw on your muzzle brake and you can begin. The tuner locks into position using your muzzle brake, similar to a crush washer. Making it easy to install, adjust and use on various rifles.

The internal surfaces of the tuner are smooth and snag free, no screws to cause scratches!

Easily identify your tuning position with numbered tuning markers. 

Size guide

Measure the outer diameter of your muzzle and 5cm back from the muzzle. Use the larger measurement to select the correct tuner size

  • Super Extra Large: varmint / heavy barrels 27mm and 32mm. Muzzles thread & brakes with 5/8x24 TPI.
  • Extra Large: Aftermarket varmint / heavy barrels between 24.5mm and 27mm. Muzzles thread & brakes with 5/8x24 TPI.
  • Large: Aftermarket varmint / heavy barrels between 21mm 24.5mm diameter.  Muzzles thread & brakes with  5/8" or 1/2" TPI (select from drop down)
  • Small: Factory Remington varmint or similar barrels up to 21mm diameter.  Muzzles thread & brakes with  5/8" or 1/2" TPI (select from drop down)
  • Other size threads by custom request (email sales@iceng.com.au)

Support local jobs. This product is 100% Australian made by Aussie firearms manufacturers MANAEL.


What does a barrel tuner do?

The MANAEL Barrel Tuner helps you manage and mitigate barrel harmonics and vibration to get the maximum potential out of your catridge and barrel. 

The MANAEL Barrel Tuner helps you find the optimum frequency specific to your catridge, load and barrel configuration. 

With every shot, your barrel undergoes vibrations and these harmonics affect the projectile as it leaves the barrel.

Moving the MANAEL Barrel Tuner back and forth on the barrel in micro adjustments will change the barrel harmonics to beter suit the projectile's requirements for a given load.

You can see the difference during the tuner install and set up; groups will narrow down as you get closer to the perfect frequency. 

Factory ammunition will often benefit from a tuner and hand loads have a potential to tighten group size. Please note quality and accurate handloads are required, tis is nota  replacement for load development process. Consult a reloading manual for correct and safe load data prior to use. 

Instructions for install

Please read this guide completely before starting installation or use. Ensure your firearm is clear of all ammunition and is verified as unloaded and your firearm is in safe working condition prior to installation and use. Run a patch through your barrel and muzzle devices before use. Consult a reloading manual for correct and safe load data prior to use. You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations and where appropriate, advising your state or territory firearms authorities prior to any modification. Please refer to your local state or territory firearms/weapons act and regulations.

1. Identify the top centre point (12 o’clock) of the barrel using a texta or sticker

2. Remove your existing muzzle brake

3. Slide the MANAEL Barrel Tuner onto barrel with numbers facing towards the receiver. Keep going until the muzzle thread protrudes through the tuner. You will feel it "stop" in position (the tuner's internal lock will butt up against the face of the barrel where it steps down into the muzzle thread).

4. Replace your muzzle bake onto the barrel muzzle thread and secure. This will lock the MANAEL Barrel Tuner in place.

5. The MANAEL Barrel Tuner is now installed and ready for tuning.

6. To remove the tuner, reverse this process.

Instructions for use

1. Turn the tuner so number "0" is at the top centre point (12 o’clock position).

2. Fire two rounds at an identified target and note the group size.

3. Rotate the tuner by one number (this is the equivalent of 2 marked positions; a number and a mid-way line).

4. Fire another two rounds at a new target and note the group size.

5. Repeat this process and monitor the group sizes. As you are shooting at each tuner position, group sizes should start to shrink. This may take one or two complete revolutions of the tuner.

6. With each turn, the group size will continue to close up until a certain point. Then the groups will begin to open up again. This means you have found the optimum point and moved past it. 

7. Turn the tuner back to the previous position (where group sizes were at their tightest) and this is your optimum tuned position. Take note of the marked position on the tuner.

8. Lock the tuner into position by tightening the knurled ring lock nut (do not turn the tuner). Turn the nut until it is finger tight, so it won’t wriggle loose with vibrations. Your barrel is now tuned.

9. You will need to repeat this process if you change ammunition or loads.

10. Share photos of your new rifle set up (including barrel configuration and load info) with us on Facebook and Instagram @iceng.au #IgnitionCustomEngineering 


Weight: 252 grams


Shipping Weight 0.2700kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.040m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Shipping Cubic 0.000100000m3


By: on 14 February 2022
I have 2 now and they flat out work, I was able to tune a 6.5 creedmoor load from .5 inch to .3 with 4 settings tested and 8 rounds fired, couldn't be happier with both of them.

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