MANAEL Bloop Tube

Ideal for the precision hunter or competetive rimfire shooter looking to gain an edge with their rifle.

The Ultralite Bloop Tube is the lighter version of the MANAEL Bloop Tube, designed especially for those running skinny barrels and wanting to stay sleek and light.

Easily install group-tightening MANAEL Barrel Tuners on short barrel / long chassis set ups, without weighing you down.

Gain additional length for muscle memory

Improved shot timer records with vented shot timer holes

Let’s take a look at what this Ultralite Bloop Tube can do to take your rimfire rifle set up to the next level….

The MANAEL Bloop Tubes are not rifled internally.

Better detection for shot timers

Ensure your shot timer and detectors stay safe and never miss a shot record again. 

More reliable shot detection thanks to the Shot Detection Holes along the MANAEL Bloop Tube body, when using a shot timer (eg; CED 2000).

By placing the shot detection holes alongside the body (and well away from the muzzle!), you can record those nerd stats while keeping your equipment safe. 

Creating consistency

Designed with the MANAEL Barrel Tuner in mind - so you can tighten your groups & chase consistent accuracy performance from your rimfire ammo. 

The MANAEL Bloop Tuner is compatible with the MANAEL Barrel Tuner (Small) available here  

Or Grab an easy all-in-one Ultralite Bloop Tube + Barrel Tuner here!

(If you already have a MANAEL Barrel Tuner (Small) just remove the tuner's internal thread cup and you're ready to go!)


Easy DIY install

MANAEL try to make life as easy as possible, so you can focus on important stuff like making impacts. 

To install the MANAEL Bloop Tubes, just screw onto the muzzle of your barrel (see the drop down menu for thread compatibility).

Tube Shot Detection Holes double as a leverage point for installation: slot an allen key or screwdriver through the holes and use the leverage to create a super-secure fit on your muzzle thread. No specialist tools or gunsmiths needed!

To install the MANAEL Barrel Tuner, just unthread the knurled thread protector at the end, remove the internal thread from the Barrel Tuner and screw it onto the Bloop Tube.


100% Australian Tough

All MANAEL products go through testing to make sure it delivers on its promise and can handle anything you throw at it.

Expect the best: Billet machined in South Australia from premium materials

Support local jobs; this product is 100% Australian designed, made and owned. 

Support your sport; MANAEL and Ignition Custom Engineering are sponsors of the Precision Rifle Series Australia and Precision Rimfire Australia NRL22.



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