Choosing the best Muzzle Brake for Hunting in Australia

Taming recoil and enhancing visibility for follow-up shots is essential for any centrefire hunting adventure.

Our team at Ignition Custom Engineering have hand-picked the best selection of premium muzzle brakes for hunters seeking excellent and reliability during those crucial once-in-a-lifetime shots!

Navigating the world of muzzle devices can be overwhelming, especially when precision matters most. That's why we've crafted this easy guide to cover a variety of hunting styles.

When it comes to hunting in the diverse landscapes of Australia, gear plays a pivotal role in ensuring success. Whether its eliminating pigs, foxes or deer species like sambar, having the right equipment is non-negotiable.  Refine your hunting experience with our handpicked selection of Australia's best muzzle brakes – gear that's always ready for the challenge.


The Ultimate Shortlist of Best Muzzle Brakes for the Australian Hunter 


JST Muzzle Brake by MANAEL

Agile. Compact. Powerful. 

If you need the assurance of rugged & reliable gear in a sleek small package, the JST is for you.

Why do we love it for hunting?

  • This little gem is 100% Aussie made for harsh Aussie conditions.
  • Designed by the team at MANAEL for smashing pigs and hunting in tight scrub conditions.
  • Compact and sleek profile to eliminate snag points
  • Premium materials and finished in Black Oxiding for maximum durability in the field

Best suited for:  Anyone running a centrefire rifle, seeking something compact that packs a powerful punch when it comes to recoil management & muzzle control! 

Click here to view the JST Muzzle Brake by MANAEL





ULH Ultralite Hunter Self Timing Brake by MANAEL 

Super lite & Easy

Not sure if a muzzle brake is for you? Or wanting to keep weight to a minumum?

Why do we love it for hunting?

  • Precision machined from lightweight materials to cut weight
  • Self timing lock nut for easy DIY installation and removal
  • Compact and sleek profile to eliminate snag points
  • Ideal for occasional trips when only sending a handful of rounds down range

Best suited for:  Anyone wanting to experiment with a brake without making a big investment or hunters keeping weight to a minimim

Click here to view the ULH Ultralite Hunter Muzzle Brake by MANAEL





MANAEL Flash Hider with Removable Blast Shield

Improve night time visibility

Perfect for night vision optics or after-dark hunting when you want to eliminate any bright flash coming from your rifle. 

Why we love it for hunting?

  • Reduces visible flash coming from muzzle thanks to vent design and blast shield
  • Redirects uncomfortable muzzle blast
  • Shield is removable for versatility and easy cleaning
  • Less recoil management than a brake but maximum visiblity when using night vision optics
  • Premium Australian made quality and materials 

Best suited for: Hunters running night vision optics after dark who want complete visibility of follow up shots


Click here to view the Australian Made Flash Hide and Shield Set




MANAEL Gen 2 Self Timing Muzzle Brake

Ultimate recoil management for long-range precision

If you're shooting prone and demanding complete confidence in every shot, the Gen 2 is for you. 

Why we love it for hunting:

  • Maximum muzzle flip supression, keep your muzzle where you want it!
  • Five ports for maximum venting of recoil gas and energy
  • Extensive testing and design devlopment in real-world conditions
  • Available for calibres up to .30

Best suited for: Hunters who want maximum recoil management and don't mind a little extra length of weight. 


Click here to view the Ultimate recoil management Muzzle Brake by MANAEL



These are our favorite selection of premium muzzle brakes which cater to the needs of Australian hunters engaged in pest management, conservation, and responsible deer hunting. For those venturing into spotlighting, this selection will help make for more accurate and efficient follow-up shots. Especially reducing flare ups on night vision optics.  For your hunting centrefire rifle – be it a 308, 223, 270, 300PRC, or 30-06 – there’s an option for you that will deliver optimal performance.

We understand the importance of reliable brands like Sako, Winchester, Tikka, Blaser, Lithgow, Oceania Precision, SCSA Taipan, Warwick Rifle, Remington, and Howa. That's why our selection includes brakes compatible with an array of renowned rifles, ensuring that your gear matches the standards set by your firearm.

Need a hand finding the right part? Let us know and we can help!