Assurance You're Getting the Best Rifle Gear with Ignition Custom Engineering (About Us)

At Ignition Custom Engineering, we're on a mission to make sure you're armed with nothing but the best when it comes to rifle accessories and components.



We're not just here to bring you gear; we're here to help you win

The right gear can make or brake your day.

We're shooters too! We've been there to feel the heat of a timed competition stage or tracking a stag long-range and we know the thrill of a perfectly placed shot. 

We also know you want to prevent equipment failures and have gear that supports you when you need it, and avoid those dreaded "donuts" (yes, we've been there too – zero scores are no fun!).

So, as shooters and manufacturing mechanical engineers, we bring you the best products to help you experience the joy of smashing steel or clearing a challenging stage or making that once-in-a-lifetime hunting shot.

Whether you're into smashing steel in Precision Rifle Series or NRL22, or if long-range hunting is more your jam, we've got your back.

So if you're looking for the perfect accessory to enhance your rifle's performance or seeking reliable components that won't let you down, you've come to the right place.

We've gathered all these top-notch parts in one convenient location, and we're ready to ship them to shooters all across Australia.


In stock & it ships, or your money back

Its frustrating not being sure if a product is really available or not. So for your assurance, we work hard to keep our webstore inventory live and accurate. 

Our promise is this: if a product shows as in-stock on the website, you can order and we will ship it ASAP. And if on the rare occasion something has gone goes amiss and we can't fufill the order straight away, you can have the choice of backordering or an immediate complete refund straight away so you're not out of pocket. 


Part of the Shooting Community and Here to Support it

At Ignition Custom Engineering, we believe in giving back to our community.  We proudly sponsor individual shooters, local clubs, events, and series and clubs.

Some of the groups we support include Precision Rifle Series AustraliaPrecision Rimfire AustraliaNRL22 AustraliaPractical Rimfire Challenge PRC SA and SSAA Precision Shooting SA.




Join us in raising your shooting game to the next level with gear you can trust.

Ignition Custom Engineering – where quality meets precision, and victory awaits!

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