We supply aftermarket rifle triggers for most makes Remington 700, MANAEL, Defiance, Tikka T3, Bergara, Ruger Precision, Mauser, Mosin Nagant, Savage, Ruger Mk11, CZ452 and more.

Timney Triggers fully adjustable pull weight triggers including the Calvin Elite series, T3 trigger and RPR 2 stage triggers.

Plus Ignition Custom Engineering trigger kits for the Lithgow, Australian made by our fully licensed gunsmiths.

Triggers are kept in stock at our Adelaide warehouse. We can also import triggers so if you can't see what you want, please contact us for a custom order.

For more information about trigger replacement versus trigger jobs and upgrades, visit our projects page.  We can do trigger jobs to lighten many models including Lithgow LA101 and Winchester mod 70.


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