We can flute your rifle bolt with straight, diamond or spiral fluting. Its all hand done by our team of gunsmiths at our Adelaide workshop. 

Service available for most bolt action rifle actions including Remington 700, Tikka T3, Lithgow, Ruger and more.  (Contact us for a quote if you have a controlled-round feed rifles such as M77 or Mauser)

You can post your bolt direct to us (no need for a firearms dealer transfer). M16 Extractor upgrade, Cerakote or bolt knob upgrades can be performed at the same time.

The process can take 2-3 weeks excluding post time.

The Fine Print

After raising the order, you need to safety package your bolt only with your order number and contact details and post it to the Ignition Custom Engineering workshop, or drop it off in person.

This item does not need to be transferred via a dealer so we can return direct to your door. Ensure your shipping details are correct on the order.

If you prefer to transfer your whole firearm to have other work done at the time same, please let us know at sales@iceng.com.au. 

The price advertised is for fluting of a rifle bolt only.  Does not include any cerakote coatings. You must provide your own bolt. 


Brand Ignition Custom Engineering