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Remington 870 Trigger Fix

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Designed to work with all model 870 shotguns (plus several other Remington model - see below), the Timney Trigger Fix creates a clean, smooth, fully adjustable trigger pull. We love using the Timneys;  they are a top quality performance solution at an everyday shooter price. Made in the USA with high grade materials, Timney market themselves as “the finest triggers” in the world and offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Every Timney 870 Trigger Fix is packaged with a sear, 3 pull weight springs and a hex head wrench. Simply choose a spring (Red: 2.5-3lb, WhIte: 2-2.5lb or Blue: 1.5-2lb) and then fine tune the pull weight with the hex head wrench for a precise setting.

Free standard shipping in Australia and lifetime warranty.

Suitable for:

  • All Remington 870 Actions
  • 7600 series of pump action rifles
  • Remington Model # 878
  • 74 series pump action rifles
  • 1100 series of pump action shotguns
  • Remington model 750 Woodmaster
  • Remington 742 Semi Auto Rifle
  • Remington 762 Rifle



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