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Marlin Trigger Happy Kit

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Replace your trigger to give a light and clean break using a Marlin Trigger Happy Kit by Wild West Guns. Precision designed with an EDM trigger and hand polished sear. 2-3 pound trigger pull. Kit features a two-piece design far superior to “flop” of factory Marlin trigger.

This is a drop-in fit (install requires action disassembly). Contact us for a price for professional installation by our gunsmiths.

Fits all modern Marlin centerfire rifles; 1895, 1895G, 1895GS,1895M, 450M, 444, 336, and 1894 models. Will only replace Marlin Centerfire 2 piece triggers, does not fit early Marlins with a 1 piece trigger.

If item is marked "out of stock", please allow 6-8 weeks for backorder or email us at sales@iceng.com.au



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