MANAEL Premium Rifle Action - Titanium lightweight

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Designed exclusively for long range precision, ideal for hunting or competition use. Lightweight titanium body combines hard wearing surface for maximum performance while keeping weight down to 300 grams (half the weight of standard rifle actions). Ideal for pack rifles or ultralite builds.

MANAEL actions feature premium components such as extractor, firing pin assembly, side bolt release and integrated recoil lug to ensure exceptional performance in hunting or competition.

Designed and made in Australia for long range precision under rough Aussie conditions. Includes lifetime warranty.

Action is compatible with the Remington range of products (stocks, chassis, triggers, etc)

Short Action model suits standard short length cartridges with a .473"/12mm bolt face such as .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6 Creedmoor, .243, 22-250, 284win, 6.45x4.7 lapua etc.

Long Action model (coming late 2018) suits standard long action magazine cartridges such as rem mag family, 300WM, 30-06, 338, rem ultra mag etc.

  • Available in left or right hand configurations
  • Short Action (.308, 6.5)
  • Long Action available late 2018
  • Solid titanium body 
  • weight: approx 302 grams
  • 90 degree bolt throw
  • Side Bolt Release
  • Premium firing pin assembly
  • Premium M16 extractor 
  • Picatinny rail wtith custom angle (specify your MOA on ordering)
  • compatible with AICS magazines and Remington 700 stocks/chassis
  • Choose your own serial number (pre-order actions only, subject to serial availability. In-stock actions will have serials already assigned)

Price does not include shipping/transfer

Optional upgrades:

  • Bolt Fluting


MANAEL actions are made with care and MANAEL take their time to do it right. They are custom Lead times vary from 2-6 months for pre-orders Please contact us for a lead time.


MANAEL offer lifetime warranty on action components. Lifetime warranty is extended when all gunsmithing is completed by Ignition Custom Engineering. Please contact us for more information.


Yes and proud of it. Nothing existed to perform in the conditions some of our shooters were facing while reaching out to extended long range distance. So 100% Australian rifle manufacturer MANAEL custom designed. produced, prototyped and tested a bespoke action series in harsh South Australian conditions before putting them in the field in hunting and competition testing cross Australia and New Zealand.

Following the success of the test models, MANAEL actions are now available for all shooters who desire premium performance and quality with Aussie aftermarket care.

Each action is manufactured in Adelaide, SA and MANAEL is 100% Australian owned.


Please contact us to discuss export opportunities.




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