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Aftermarket Follower (Shotgun)

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More reliable than plastic followers, the ICEng follower is fabricated from Aluminium which is more resistant to heat, wear and cracks. Opting for a bright coloured follower can help as a visual aid to indicate an empty magazine. Will suit SHS, Adler, Pardus, or Uzkon. 

Available in black, red and silver aluminium (blue has been discontinued due to inconsistencies in finish. Remaining "factory seconds" stock is listed below).

This item is also available in a bundle: https://shop.iceng.com.au/products/iceng-aftermarket-hex-nut-universal-follower-adler-pardus-uzkon-bundle

 Lifetime warranty & free standard shipping within Australia.

Please allow up to two weeks for shipping. We try to keep these items in stock but at times are busily fabricating a new batch. If this is a concern please email us at sales@iceng.com.au



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