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Magazine Hex Nut & Follower 12Ga

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Our own custom aftermarket magazine nut and universal follower made here in Adelaide by D-class manufacturing licensed Gunsmiths.

Compatable with:

  • Adler A110 Shotgun
  • Pardus LAX12 Shotgun
  • SHS STP 12g Shotgun
  • Uzkon LA887 Shotgun

Colours available: Black or Silver (email us for other colours before order)

Bundle includes: 

  • ICEng Hex Nut: designed with hexagonal grip for easy grip and a unique after-market look. No swivel studs to get in the way. 
  • ICEng Universal  aluminium follower: Fabricated from Aluminium which is heat, wear and crack resistant (more reliable than plastic followers). If you opt for a bright coloured follower, it helps as a visual aid to indicate an empty magazine. 

These items are all available as individual orders. 



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