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Cerakote - Rifle

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Cerakote is an ideal way to protect the surfaces of your firearm against the elements. Its hard-wearing, ceramic-based coating that protects against rust and comes in almost every colour imaginable (read more about it in our "Services" section). Cerakote can be applied to metal surfaces (not polymer or plastic - that's a different process).

Our Adelaide based gunsmiths take great care when Cerakoting your rifle or handgun. The process can take 2-4 weeks and includes firearm disassembly,  surface preparation, application, treatment and reassembly. We include a free inspection during this process and will let you know if we see anything that may need addressing.

You're covered by our manufacture level gunsmithing license and warranty on all our work.

A single colour application will include the rifle barrel, action, bolt, bottom metal, brakes, picatinny rails and other attached metal components (Magazines, stocks/chassis, rings and scopes are additional).


By completing purchase of this item, you are committing to a pre-paid booking for Cerakote single colour application to your rifle. We will be in touch shortly to confirm the colour and any other elements of the project.

Transfer or shipping costs are additional.

We can do duo-tones (multiple colours) and patterns. Additional colours are generally $99 each, depending on the work. Please contact us for a quote.



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