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Barathrum Arms SP12 Magazine Extension

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Completely Aussie made by our gunsmiths in Adelaide with a lifetime warranty, this kit will increase capacity of the Barathrum SP12 Straight Pull Shotgun by 2 shots or 5 shots.

The modification requires trimming the end off the factory magazine tube and attaching the extension kit (or contact us and we can fit it free while you wait at our workshop in Adelaide).

You can opt to have your tube in stainless finish or black Cerakote.

 Each kit includes

  • Extension Tube - Stainless steel (higher grade than regular steel tube, resistant to rust and hard wearing)
  • ICEng easy-grip aftermarket hex nut
  • ICEng Ultralilte barrel clamp to improve rigidity and reduce flex and wear on working parts
  • Tube finished in Stainless Steel or Cerakote Black (nut and clamp in alu or black anodized to match)
  • Free postage or free fitting from our workshop in Adelaide
We endeavor keep this item in stock, but if we run low the "add to cart" button may be replaced with a "custom order" button which means there may be a 2-4 week wait.

The fine print....

You must supply us with a copy of your valid firearms license before we can ship it out, alternatively we can send it to your local dealer for collection. These may be a restricted item in your local state. You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations and where appropriate, advising your state or territory firearms authorities prior to any modification or purchase. Please see our full terms and conditions. 



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