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ARC Magazine AI 10 round (308/ 7.62*51)

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American Rifle Company (ARC) offers a compact, double-stack, center-feed magazine that promotes exceptionally smooth and reliable feeding.

AICS type magazine designed for use with cylindrical actions such as the Mausingfield and the Remington 700 type short actions.

  • 10-round ARC Mag is the same length (vertically) as the 10-round mag AI AW, approximately
  • Does NOT require an “AW cut” receiver.
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant and high strength stainless steel.
  • Reduced friction due to black Teflon coating.
  • Cross section is identical to that of the AI CS and the AI AW mags designed for use in short actions.
  • Internal length is nominally 2.97 inches (75.4mm.)
  • An easy to remove floor plate makes disassembly and cleaning easy.
  • Free standard shipping in Australia

To ensure maximum reliability, ARC recommends magazines must be kept clean and only clean cartridges should be inserted into it to reduce friction associated with the relative motion between cartridges and between the cartridges and the inner walls of the magazine resulting from the cartridges transitioning from the double-stack to center.



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