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Adler A110 Magazine Extension Kit

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Increase capacity of the Adler A110. Manufactured in Australia by fully licensed D-Class manufacturing gunsmiths and covered by lifetime warranty. 

This is a "do it yourself" install which requires cutting the tube. Can be reconverted back to factory capacity. The kit is non detachable in that its secured with a clamp that requires tooling to remove. Instructions provided. 

For a simpler changeover, see our Deluxe Extension Kit which is a full-magazine replacement option .

Chokes can be used with any of our kits. We recommend Trulock Chokes.

Compatible with the Detachable Swivel and Stud Clamp

All extension kits include:

  • Extension tube finished in black Cerakote to make it hard wearing against the elements
  • The  +5 and +6 kits also include a 10 shot mag spring
  • Barrel clamp. This keeps the extension double secure with the added benefit of improving overall rigidity. 
  • Option of Ultralite anodized aluminium clamp to reduce weight OR Tactical clamp with removable rail to mount accessories

Includes free shipping or free fitting on collection from our workshop in Adelaide. No credit card fees, either!

Which one is best for me?

20" Adler:

28" Adler:

  • +5 (boosts capacity by 5 shots) is about same length as 28" barrel
  • +6IPSC (boosts capacity by 6 shots)
  • +3 Extension kits (boosts capacity by 3 shots)
  • +2 (boosts capcity by 2 shots)

IPSC shooters:

  • +6IPSC (will increase capacity by 6 shots while remaining under overall gun length rule).

Read more about our Adler extension kits here

There may be a two to four week wait on this item from date of order.

The fine print....

This may be a prohibited item in NSW. Please confirm with your firearms registry before purchase.

You must supply us with a copy of your valid firearms licence before we can ship it out, alternatively we can send it to your local dealer for collection. These may be a restricted item in your local state. You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations and where appropriate, advising your state or territory firearms authorities prior to any modification or purchase. Please see our full terms and conditions. 



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